Houston Airport Free Shuttle

Riding the inter-terminal subway at Houston Intercontinental Airport
We are in the basement of Houston Intercontinental Airport, where we ride the subway tram that shuttles passengers between the different terminals, as well as the Houston Airport Marriott. We get on at Terminal C, loop around at Terminal D/E, make another stop at Terminal C, and then get off at the Marriott. The other two stops are at Terminal B and Terminal A. The whole route is only about 1/4 mile long or so. The tram cars themselves are WEDway cars, which were built in 1981. The sound for the music and announcements is piped in from the ceiling of the basement itself, as the cars have semi-open roofs. Enjoy the view from the tram, as well as the ride itself. If you have any questions about the video, feel free to message me. Comments are welcome.