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2011 Police Tahoe

2011 Police package Chevy Tahoe, Duel Batteries, Door Moldings, and Carpet, factory 3rd seat center console in front Limo Tinted windows all the way around with windshield strip, 16k , Push bumper, Whelen Siren and 100 watt speaker, Siren hooked up Hands Free in horn, Whelen Head light Tail light flasher, Dominator 4, Whelen slim lighter in dash, Par 46 Fog Lamps, Hide Away LED’s in parking lights, Whelen Ions on the mirrors Tomar Rec14 on front of push bumper r/c b/c and w/w on the sides with Federal Signal impaxx also one red one blue, , 2 Whelen Linz6 on each running board, Linz4 r/b in rear window, two r/r/w/w 911ep ls 12 below rear tale gate and 2 Whelen ions recessed mounted next to rear license plate.Most lights are RED/BLUE. For more photo’s