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The Sweetest Surprise Proposal! Scott’s Surprise Proposal!
Hey everyone,

This is how I finally proposed to the love of my life, Nhi. I told her a few hours before I was going to pick her up that I had a groupon for a dinner so if we didn’t go, we would lose our money. So, it gave her no excuse to say no. I went to get ready while my friends fitted the limo with rose pedals, video cameras and champagne. I had put together a video and I played it on the screen in the limo on the way to dinner.

Special Thanks to Guru, Laura, Rishi and Chris! Thanks for everything and helping me come up with a plan after months and months of planning! Thank you to George at Bayside Limos and of course. Thank you to my beautiful Fiancee for making me the happiest man alive!

Cliff Notes:
Subies – 0:26 & 3:30
Lots of Food! — 4:22
Snowboarding — 5:43
Gangnam style — 6:25
The proposal — 6:52

She said Yes!

Music: “Breathless” by Shayne Ward