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Geno Smith sucker punch: New York Jets QB gets broken jaw during ugly locker room brawl – TomoNews
NEW YORK — The Jets’ second-year linebacker Ikemefuna ‘IK’ Enemkpali punched Geno Smith in the locker room on Tuesday, putting the team’s starting quarterback out of commission for the next 6-10 weeks.

IK gave Smith 0 for airfare and limo service so that Smith would attend his charity football event in Texas on July 11. But Smith wasn’t able to attend IK’s event since he attended his brother’s best friend’s funeral instead. While Smith offered to pay IK back the 0 last month, by Tuesday Smith still hadn’t paid him back and IK decided to take matters into his own hands.

The two ended up having an ugly encounter in the locker room that the Jets’ coach Todd Bowles described as ‘childish’ at an impromptu press conference following the altercation. IK punched Smith right in the jaw, breaking or fracturing it in two places and forcing the quarterback to undergo surgery.

The Jets has cut IK, causing him to lose his 0,000 contract with them.


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