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WNEP Report on Police Chase ending in Crash
Article by Eric Bower &

The chase all started when police from Hemlock Twsp. responded to a complaint in the Wal-mart Parking lot.

Cynthia Ann Yorden, 49 was randomly asking customers to get in her car and look at town houses. When police approached her car she sped off.

The chase led police east on Mall Blvd. and then onto Millville Road towards Bloomsburg. Yorden passed several cars illegally during the pursuit which reached speeds up to 80 mph.

Yorden eventually crashed into 3 cars that were stopped at a red light by the intersection of Iron Street and Main Street.

Police officers had to use stun guns to subdue Yorden who was disoriented and uncooperative. Yorden was driving a blue Dodge Neon. Yorden had ,000 in the car and a pet rabbit at the time.

A woman driving a gold dodge stratus was taken to Bloomsburg Hospital.

Yorden’s pet rabbit died shortly after the accident.

Sunday night Yorden later said “I’m just concerned about my animal” unaware that the rabbit had died.

Yorden even asked at her arraignment if the charges could be dropped.

Police filed 20 charges against Yorden. “That’s a lot of charges,” Yorden said. “I’m very upset about that.” Yorden told Magistrate Donna Coombe the money was from a CD she cashed out.

Coombe set Yorden’s bail at ,000.

“How does this bail thing work?” Yorden asked Coombe. “I have a lot of money.”

Yorden told Coombe she’s unmarried, unemployed and retired from a Johnstown health-care firm, adding she was “so disoriented and tired” from “a long drive out here” from Johnstown.

“I’ve really had a rough life these last two months,” Yorden said without elaborating.

“I got really scared. That’s why I drove away. I’m not a criminal. I don’t do drugs. I’m just really tired from the long drive.”

Sources for this article were from Press Enterprise reports, witnesses, and Police.