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Name: Billy Crandall | Age: 27 | Unemployed | Goody Two Shoes
Billy Crandall was born and raised in Alabama. Never the smartest kid, always liked playing pranks and making both his family and teachers’ lives difficult. Sure, he wasn’t the sweetest or nicest boy. Actually he was a pain in the ass and sometimes, he did deserve all that smacking and spanking.

But, even so, at the age of eighteen he grabbed his things and ran away, leaving his parents and three younger sisters behind. He was determined to make it on his own. And boy, did he make it. While travelling across the country he met a couple of friendly men who found the boy’s wit and sense of humor amusing. They offered him a job at a club, serving drinks and cleaning, keeping his age and identity a secret due to legal issues.

Everyone there called him “Pup”.

Billy didn’t really mind. They paid him well enough for him to get a small cheesy apartment. He met a girl who worked at the club as a waitress called Allison. She was friendly and nice. Billy tried making a move on her but got punched on the nose. Turns out Allison wasn’t exactly into men. But after that awkward revelation, the two of them became inseparable.

But Billy’s employers liked him so much that they decided to introduce him to the wonderful world of drugs. Heroine. Pup injected them right into his veins. And continued to do so for three years. Even became a dealer. Allison never approved and tried to convince Billy to drop the vice and that job and just move far away.

Before Billy could do any of that, the police caught him and threw him in jail. Four years. Enough to get Pup’s veins clean again and for him to make a lot of new friends.

When he got out, Allison was the only one waiting for him. Billy said he was ready to get back on the drug selling business and just needed a new city to start a new life. Somewhere where nobody knew him. Allison refused to help him unless he promised to never touch drugs again. She said if he did their friendship would be over and done with.

And that really affected Billy. So he agreed. And Allison allowed him to move into her new hometown. Westfield. Billy still hasn’t found a job after all these months. But he did find something else. A storm. And when he got hit by thunder, Crandall realized his skin could become as hard and thick as metal. Unbreakable.

Time to give use to this power. And make it up to society.