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Limo rentals are great for many occasions, including weddings, proms, graduations, corporate events, parties, you name it. A luxurious limo ride is an affordable and fun addition to your event. Here at Houston Limo Rental we proudly specialize in top of the line ground transportation. We make sure to have the newest and cleanest vehicles, professional and respectful drivers who are always on time, and top amenities inside the vehicles.

Our fleet offers a variety of vehicles at your disposal. No matter how many passengers you are looking to carry, we will try to work out a plan for you. We have rates for airport or cruise drop off, as well as general hourly bookings available. Be sure to make your reservation as early as possible, especially during prom season. However, if you need a vehicle on short notice, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Renting a limo is an experience you will never forget. Many of our clients say that it was an once in a lifetime opportunity. Put a smile on your significant other, child, friend, or anyone else! Surprise them with a Houston limo rental; you will not be disappointed. Let us pick you up and take you to your destination no matter what the weather or traffic is like.

When you get a Houston limo rental from us, you’ll see that our expertly trained chauffeurs are extremely safe and steady drivers who will treat you like royalty. If you need to make stops on the way, no problem. Our driver can wait while you conduct your business or simply enjoy yourself. We mainly service the greater Houston area, but if you are heading farther out, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

We aim to be the best Houston limo rental company, and we welcome all suggestions and feedback. Making an appointment with us or getting a quote is fast and easy. Simply call us at 832-564-3374. Ask about our current specials!

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